Study Abroad

Study abroad is the opportunity to study or conduct research in other universities within the country or abroad. Narxoz also accepts students and tutors from partner universities to study in the university. Study abroad programs are designed for a semester or one academic year. Training programs must be counted in the form of credits in the primary higher education institution.


  • improve the quality of education within the university;
  • stimulate the professional and cultural growth of students and tutors;
  • establish close partnerships with leading universities in Kazakhstan and other countries.


  • exchange training programs in cooperation with new universities;
  • attract grants and external student funding;
  • hold informational sessions, newsletters and seminars for students;
  • motivate students to participate in academic mobility programs;
  • assist with the paperwork and promotion of students on academic mobility programs;
  • coordinate processes with partner universities.


Answer: You need to collect a package of documents and meet the requirements:

GPA above 3.0

English level above B1. For those who submit documents to a Russian-speaking country (Russia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan), it is not necessary to provide a certificate of English level.

Documents’ list you can find at

– Application form of Narxoz University

– Student questionnaire filled out in Word format

– Student statement

– Transcript (issued in SSC)

– Copy of a passport;

– 2 letters of recommendation (from professors, deans);

– A certificate confirming the level of English proficiency (in the absence of international certificates, you will receive a certificate from the Linguistic Center of the University. Room 15 ULK2);

– 2 photos 3 * 4 (for pasting on profiles)

Participants in academic mobility pay for their tcikets, accommodation, meal.


Competitive selection is carried out:

Individual interview (face to face), at which the competitive commission determines the abilities and knowledge of the candidate. The Commission may include Vice-Rectors, Heads / employees of structural divisions, an English teacher, a student council representative.

When summing up the results, the commission decides on the choice of a candidate who has the opportunity to go to study at a foreign university.

Answer: Participation in the academic mobility program always implies certain financial costs, even though training can be carried out on a free basis.

Therefore, before applying, sensibly assess your capabilities. The partner universities provide free tuition, but the student pays for the flight, accommodation, as well as meals and other personal needs.

Answer: You can find the list of universities at the following links

Answer: Full-time students studying at the time of departure in 2-3 courses and undergraduates in the 1st course can participate in the program.

Answer: You choose the disciplines yourself in coordination with your dean’s office and the registrar’s office and draw up the Learning Agreement.

To avoid a big difference in loans after returning from abroad, you must first coordinate the subjects studied with your dean’s office (See question 6)

Programs that are functioning in Narxoz University: